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John 3: 16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

When my heart’s in great confusion,                                                                                                   And I’m burdened in despair,
I know my God you’re still beside me,
In my heart you’re living there.

I never doubt you for a moment,
I know you’ve let me down,
As you went from the cross to glory,
There you wore the golden crown.
It’s not just meant for all the nations,

But for folk likes you and me,
Humbly do I bow before you,
Gladly I will bend the knee.

I’ve had so many hurts Lord,
How much more can I take,
We know we have a testing time,
To make us wide awake.

I wondered where you were,
When in the midst of trouble,
I couldn’t understand,
That I was in the Devil’s bubble.

So now I must go forward pick me life up again,
You know I’m not a quitter,
And I will rise once more,
For laying in my heart you are the open door.

Forgive me for my tears,
But they just had to flow,
Before your throne of grace,
Your love for me just glows.

How could I distrust you,
When always you’ve been there,
Pouring down your spirit,
From my toes up to my hair.

My words be very simple,
As I speak the words I do,
But don’t you know Lord,
That I love you through and through.

And still I turn to laughter Lord,
For there my strength is given,
I’ll pass it on to someone else,
Until I get to heaven.