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John 3: 16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

When we are children we’re told what to do,
There’s time when we really like it’s true,
But mum says she always knows what’s best you see,
We have to behave when we’re having our tea.

When we’re little we want to be big,
So we’re not told off and all that kind of thing,
Yet as we get older and into our youth,
We still get told off and that’s the whole truth.

So when does it end all this bossing around,
Why do we take it and don’t even shout,
We’re and we’re foolish and show off with a grin,
A clip round the ear hole mum’s winning again.

All of a sudden we’re twenty one,
We’re all grown up this is great fun,
When we go to work we’re still told what to do,
Is there no end but misery to woe.

Middle age creeps on us all very quick,
And still we’re in trouble we’re married you see,
Our kids give us trouble when they’re having tea,
But what are we saying we’re seeing ourselves.

As we used to be no wonder mum was so displeased,
And how she clouted us with ease,
So when our kids are playing up,
We stop and think about our clump.

Time goes on by we’re getting old,
You’ll have to go into a home you’re told,
Being bossed about again,
Doesn’t seem there’s any end.

They say it’s good for us old folk,
To be looked after that’s no joke,
Then one day go as we must,
It’s time to go and kick the dust.

And even then the boss up there,
Says you can only have this square,
So what’s the good of making a fuss,
Let’s get on with it all of us.