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John 3: 16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

When I first found salvation,
Twas at my mother’s knee,
It may seem sort of young,
But I was only three,                                                                                                                            She told me about our Lord Jesus,
How he could set me free,
But my small brain didn’t understand,
How God can come and save a man.

Sunday school I used to go,
At the Sally Army hall,
Grandma kept her eye on me,
In case I apt to fall,
As I grew a sunbeam I became,
This was all part of the army game,
We marched behind the band,
It all seemed rather grand.

Yet as I grew I slid away,
And did my own sweet thing,
Like betting on horses bad language the lot,
When I look back I was a sorrowful lot,
So now I had children whom I had to teach,
That all they had to do was stretch and reach,
For God was just waiting to touch all their hands,
But what am I saying when I have not been true.

To the one who loves me,
What could I do?
I slowly stopped gambling,
And swearing a bit,
In the new house we went to,
It just didn’t fit,
Yet the Lord was speaking to me once again,
I returned to the army new people I met.
My children were happy young soldiers became,
Once more I was playing the army game,
Years rolled by an officer was I,
It was all hard work,
Though I really did try,
My man became ill,
So I lost him one day,
With my Jesus he’d gone to stay.

Though I still served my saviour,
In this small cot,
I began getting restless and wanted more,
God seemed to be saying,
For you I’ve got a plan,
So I left the dear army and held his hand,
For weeks I wrestled to do what was right,
Guess I always knew God was in my sight.

Then I went before him in desperation,                                                                                                 He said go to Bethel and find spiritual salvation,
When I arrived I knew what God meant,
I’d gone feeling angry where things had gone wrong,
But to come to my senses didn’t take long,
I was filled with God’s spirit and now speak in tongues,
I’ve now found a mate who I’ve known so long,
We serve our Lord Jesus the best that we can.

He honours our course we’re in His plan,
So from the beginning at my mother’s knee,
Remembering I was only three,
God’s plan was there,
From the start,
Now He’s my soul,
My life,
My heart.