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John 3: 16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Here in the sun drenched sky where birds are on the wing,
I glory in my Lord, to him I sing,
For he made all the creatures that walk upon the earth,
Then all at once there was Jesus’ birth.

Every living creature that you see all around,
Was multiplied in Noah’s Ark all sorts there could be found,
God sent them out to every where,
To reproduce and for man to care.

When spring arrives the lambs are born,
And in the forest there is a new fawn,
There’re new baby horses and rabbits and things,
The cuckoo, the crow and all the birds on the wing.

The bees and the wasps that give out their sting,
The beauty of the animals in every shape and form,
Whe you see the bear it makes you feel so warm,
The spider spins his cunning web if flies land in their web they’ll be dead.
From Prison to Glory

On the night of baptism,
They rose to give their lives,
One was a man with a bad past
A man and a prison gate.

He’d robbed, he fought and even killed,
For that is all he knew,
He didn’t know that Jesus saved,
And how to him he could be true.

And slowly he said things got worse,
Psychiatry was the game,
Then two ladies spoke to him,
And mentioned Jesus’ name.

Gradually he began to listen,
And started to improve,
And then began to realize,
He was giving Jesus room,

His life has now been turned around,
Under the waters he was bound,
The joy he found when he was there,
Is something quite beyond compare.

He spoke on the mike,
Of how his life was full of hate,
And went behind his life,                                                                                                                       To turn it around to make it great.