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John 3: 16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

I’ve got to brush my hair tonight,
I’ve found a girl who just seems right,
Put on the Brut, polish my shoes,
Make out I’m intelligent know all the news.

Get in the bath, make myself clean,
Polish my teeth till they’re white and they gleam,
I hope that she likes me and think I am great,
And maybe has me for her soul mate.

Time has arrived to meet her at six,
My mind’s muddled up, it’s all in a mix,
She’s coming towards me oh my what a dish,
I hope to marry her, that is my wish.

He smile is so radiant,
Her hair how it flows,
She’s coming towards me,
I’m shaking down to my toes.

Hallo said Suzanne, I’m sorry I’m late,
It’s not very often I go out on a date,
But I told her I didn’t notice the time,
Went to the pictures in row number nine.
The company was great,
The film was grand,
Coming out of the pictures,
I was holding her hand.

We went for a drink in the pub down the road,
Then walked her back home to her flat,
I thanked her for coming and for the chat,
Then quickly kissed her on the mat.

The look in her eyes was quite a surprise,
Then she led me into her front room,
Then we undressed I squeezed her and pressed,
She didn’t believe what arrived.

We knew we were meant for each other and so I became her lover,
We’ve married since then, haven’t had any since when,
Cause the kids are all around our feet,
And all because of that fateful night when a girl I decided to meet.