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John 3: 16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

The years have gone so quickly,
Time has just flown by,
It seems like only yesterday,
I was the apple of Mum’s eye,

Then one day I got married,
And raised a family,
We had five lovely children,
Good looking just like me.

The growing up was done,
We sat back feeling pleased,
But now we’re getting older,
Arthritis in our knees,
Children getting older,
All start leaving home,
We know sit by the fire,
Feeling all alone.

Grey hair are on heads,
Time has gone so quick,
Like turning over pages,
In an instant flick,
Dad became ill,
Didn’t feel so good,
They took him into hospital,
And did what they could.

He suddenly got worse,
His life came to an end,
The next thing I knew,
I was following a hearse,
So know I walk alone,
A silence in the room,
The light’s gone out,
Be it night time or at noon.

Yet life is for the living,
A friend’s now by my side,
Who’s always kind,
And willing to keep me from the tide,
We share each other’s burdens,
And pray when in despair,
What more could you want,
When you’ve got a friend who cares.

I’ve overcome my grief,
And suffered all the pain,
My children they are near,
There’s nothing I can fear,
The only thing that bothers me,
He cannot hold and comfort me,
But then my friend takes over,
She really is a gem.

In her I find my comfort,
To that I say amen,
And so from being young,
To getting very old,
A little bit about it I tried to unfold,
Live each day just as it comes enjoy every minute,
For when your time arrives,
You’ll be glad that you’ve been it.