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John 3: 16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Seven ladies live in a home nowhere to go nowhere to roam,
The only man they ever saw was the dear old vicar who lived next door,
What could they do to brighten things up?
Put some whiskey in their old tea cup.

They tried playing cards each wanted to win,
Got fed up chucked the cards in the bin,
Then one Monday morning two men came along,
All hunky and dishy and singing a song.

The central heating was up the creek,
So to these handsome fellas they wanted to speak,
One lady passed by and dropped her stick,
The young man picked it up real quick.

Thank you kind sir you’re very good looking,
What’s wrong with the heat tell us what’s cooking,
The young men smiled they were in a trap,
All the old dears wanted was to yap yap yap.

You must excuse us we must do our job,
We’ll tell you our names I’m Frank this one’s Bob,
They’re nice names said another old dear,
From us old ladies you’ve nothing to fear.

We still get excited when we see you move,
Watch all your muscles puts us in the groove,
It tones up our bodies,
Then we have a snooze.

So the men they were stunned on listening to this,
But knew it was all in good fun,
They worked and they wiggled the old dears did giggle,
Especially when they shook their bums.

So fellas if you should go into a home,
Where ladies have whiskey in their tea,
If there’s seven they’ll think they’re in heaven,
If only you show them your knee.

So these seven ladies who live in a home,
Nowhere to go nowhere to roam,
Have dreams of the love they had long ago,
When life was all fun when they had ego.