Community Rules:


The rules are simple and down to common sense so please keep the following in mind.

1)  All items must be free, legal and appropriate for all ages.  This is the main rule, and means, for example, no alcohol, tobacco, weapons or drugs (legal or otherwise) to be advertised. 
The recipient is responsible for collecting or postage / courier cost of items.

2)  Items are things we want to keep out of landfill.

3) Post with correct subject description.  Sticking to a format makes it easier for everyone.  The format is:

OFFER:  *Item* (Your general location)
TAKEN:  *Item* (Your general location)
* Please only post a TAKEN if you posted the original OFFER.
WANTED:  *Item* (Your general location)
RECEIVED:  *Item* (Your general location)
* Please only post a RECEIVED if you posted the original WANTED.

Keep your item descriptions and general location short in the subject line - put more detail in the main part of your message. Please think carefully before posting WANTEDS.

4)  Reposts.  Please wait one month before re-posting the same OFFER or WANTED message.

5)  Animals. A local animal rescue centre is normally the best option if you need to re-home a pet. 

6)  Deciding who gets an item. You don't have to choose the first recipient. Try to wait a little while to allow people to reply who aren't online all the time. At the end of the day, it's up to you who and how you choose.

7)  Arranging a pick up. Deal with one person at a time. If they fail to respond, consider moving on to someone else, but also be tolerant of people who cannot get online very often. When the item has gone, post a TAKEN message.

8) Personal information. Please save personal details (exact address, phone number) for personal emails and do not post them to the group.

You may choose to communicate with other members only by email, and not give out your phone number. Please be understanding if someone else requests this of you.

9) General safety. If you are concerned about meeting people when alone in the house, you could meet away from home, or perhaps have a friend or relative with you.  Let  the moderators know of any concerns.

10) Dealing with other members. Be nice and treat others as you would wish to be treated. Any problem with another member, contact the moderators.

Contact:  To report any abuse / concerns please click here.


To protect the community in general, posts will be reviewed by site admin prior to listing being seen.

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